Discover Moscow with VR Glasses Like You’ve Never Seen It Before


Explore the unknown architectural masterpieces of Moscow in the city’s first guided virtual reality experience.

Forget about browsing dozens of websites, digests and videos to learn about the history of Moscow. With the VR glasses in Moscow, you can explore the whole story in one place.

Walk through the city center, Red Square, and around the Kremlin walls and view what the city could have looked like through state-of-the-art VR glasses.


With your tour guide, discover the architectural dreams of the Russian capital and understand how the city’s modern architecture has been impacted by this. Learn who designed the first rotating house and how this technology is still used today, as well as why the Eighth Sister and the tallest Soviet-style building in the world were never built.

Schedule : Every Friday starting at 11.00

Price 2804 roubles ( the price on the right side here is incorrect!)

Check Moscow’ 360 and aerial video below

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