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GOT BORED OF REGULAR TOURS? A performance, in which eyes of the audience become a camera, and the binaural sound in the headphones totally changes the reality
turning life around into a movie. Invisible Moscow is an authentic historical cinema promenade through the streets of Moscow.

“The most valuable thing during Invisible Moscow is that you can change your usual run and finally hear and feel every rustle, every smell of the city .. every bit of it”, – Natalie, TV Host

The main character of the promenade performance is Sasha, a young
international journalist. She flew to Moscow just for one day for a business trip.
And eventually found herself in a journey of self-discovery. We are watching the
world through her eyes, walking at her pace and immersing into her personal
story. Join the next group NOW!

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“Everyone will love this show! And native Muscovites, and city guests, and tourists (4 languages available), and loners and companies. Invisible Moscow is ideal combination of promenade, excursion and performance”, – Kristina, manager.

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