Coronavirus Death Toll Jumps 5 to 9 in Russia!

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One more patient diagnosed with coronavirus has died from coronavirus in Pskov, Russia, today, according to the Operational Headquarters in Moscow. The Russian coronavirus death toll has jumped  5 to 9 while the number of confirmed cases has hit 1534.

270 new cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed in Russia, rising the total number to 1534. 8 Russians died from the virus, 3 patients passed away yesterday in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Orenburg.

Two private laboratory chains, – “Hemotest” and “Helix”, –started conducting tests for the novel coronavirus following the approval of the government in Moscow and in the Moscow region.

The Russian State government has confirmed the closure of the state’s borders on Monday, March 30, in a bid to fight the coronavirus outbreak within the country.

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