The Best World Knights to Compete in Moscow!

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The International Knight Festival ‘Tournament of St. George’ will be held in Moscow at the Kolomenskoye museum-reserve in June 12 – June 16 2019.Nine most famous knights from Russia, Norway and France will compete at the 4th St. George International Tournament.

Everything that happens at the tiltyard is for real: there are no staged fights and stunt tricks – there is only full contact and uncompromising battle for the champion title of St. George Tournament. Participants of the festival will joust with solid wood spears, fight in team fisticuffs and one-on-ones with two-handed melees.

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The knight festival is opening in Moscow!

St. George Tournament is not just a  competition, but  a colorful show as well. Visitors of the festival will see its opening ceremony and awarding ceremony upon completion of the third day of fighting, an autograph session with knights,  performances of a historical theater, magic hunting and much more.
Here you will find an infrastructure filled with the spirit of the Middle Ages, a historical fair, a thematic food court, and a  playground for children and their parents. Visiting the tournament is like making a trip to Europe of the 15th century and seeing one of its most vivid displays.

Ticket prices start at 2000 roubles. Entrance to the park is free.

On the 3rd Sunday of each month most museums of Kolomenskoye offer free admission to all.

How to get to Kolomenskoye:

Take the Metro to the Kolomenskaya Station. Then leave the station through the exit near the front of the train and follow signs for the museum reserve and the Orbit Cinema (Rus: Кинотеатр Орбита). There is a side entrance, left along Novinki street (Rus: ул. Новинки).
You can enter the park either from Bolshaya street (Rus: ул. Большая) or Andropova Avenue (Rus: Проспект Андропова).The park is open daily from 8.00 (8 am) to 21.00 (9 pm)

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