Art clusters: Attractive hangouts for artists, entrepreneurs and partygoers (Part two)

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In this post, BigTimeMoscow continues to introduce Moscow’s art clusters, which are the brightest centers of modern cultural life in the city. Many of them provide not only spaces for exhibitions, but also creative hubs where professionals gather to discuss new forms of work and how to improve the urban environment, as well as to talk about life.

Moscow’s art clusters

A unique aspect of Moscow’s art cluster developments is that almost all of them were created in old factory buildings. This adds to the romance of the spaces, providing excellent opportunities to learn about history when visiting. It is curious to observe how these once deserted buildings have been brought back to life, to the point where nowadays they determine the pace of city life, dictate its laws and are pivotal in shaping its future.

art clusters

Garage has recently acquired the official status of ‘a museum of modern art,’ however this doesn’t mean that it has ceased to be a center of cultural life. In addition to viewing interesting exhibitions, one is be able to visit a bookstore, a café and a summer pavilion.Garage

It is conveniently located close to the entrance to Gorky Park; it is lovely to plan a stroll through the park at the end of your visit.

The Garage

Danilovskaya Manufacture
This is not just another business center; its architecture makes it worthy of special attention, boasting noble brickwork in the style of a classic New York loft, stylish attics and a small stove in the reception room. The entertainment program is diverse, including regular food markets and master classes. Modern restaurants with delicious food have also started opening here.

Danilovskaya Manufacture
As stated on the official website: “Danilovskaya manufacture is a unique quarter loft, specially created for people who appreciate emotions, whose life and business is all about inspiration and creativity, no matter what they are doing.”

This place can no doubt be called the epicenter of everything fashionable and interesting that takes place in Moscow. Ernö Rubik, creator of the Rubik’s Cube, once visited the spot; an incredible ‘Robots’ Ball’ was hosted here; and that’s only the beginning of the list.


The Artplay yard regularly hosts festivals and design fairs. In addition, there are many unique stores and co-working spaces to be visited. Artplay is also famous for its roof: people go skating there in the winter, and in summer they come to hear live performances of celebrated musicians.

The Artplay yard

ZIL Culture Center
A building in the style of soviet constructivism, built between 1930 and 1937, is now a monument of cultural inheritance. Until 2012 it was a factory that produced automobiles, after which it passed to the Cultural Department of Moscow City.
Nowadays this is a multifunctional cultural center where exhibitions, performances, plays, lectures, concerts and master classes take place. Everything is geared toward the public.

ZIL Culture Center
There is a modern library with open access, several co-working zones with free Wi-Fi, as well as a café and a bookstore.

ZIL Culture Center

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