A 5000-Ruble Banknote Review


The 5000-ruble banknote is the biggest, and in smaller stores, local taxi services and so on it can be problematic to get change if you use it. Nevertheless, at times you may have to do so, and as such BigTimeMoscow will explain what the authentic banknote looks like, as well as some of the hidden signs that protect it. There are 11 protective signs on each 5000-ruble note, and the good news is that you won’t need a loupe or special lighting to test its authenticity.


1 Hidden signs on the boards are visible in the daytime:
Almost all the blank white fields on the banknote are watermark areas. On the left side is the number 5000 written numerically. A portrait of the Russian diplomat Muravyov-Amursky is depicted toward the left-hand side. The number ‘5000’ is written near the portrait in white, and this slatted electrotype watermark presents a problem for counterfeiters, with its dark strokes shading the figures and creating a three-dimensional effect.


2 Distinctive features for people with poor vision:
There is a salient mark on every 5000-ruble banknote which can be felt with one’s fingers. The mark consists of two points and three lines which are accurate and tangible.


3 PP hidden letters:
The banknote is decorated with an ornamental ribbon which can also help to identify the real banknote. When you hold it up, two letters (PP) emerge.


4 Rectangles:
Several iridescent rectangles are visible and shimmer on the invisible vertical line. At a certain angle this solid line appears.


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