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5849 New Coronavirus Cases Confirmed in Russia

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The Operational Headquarters reported about 5849 new patients diagnosed with COVID – 19 from 82 regions of the country including Moscow – 2957 new cases, the Moscow region – 611, Saint Petersburg 253 and more.

46% of new patients – 2697 Russian citizens – have no sign of illness and no symptoms of the virus. 60 Russians died from the virus yesterday. The total number of Coronavirus cases in the country is 68622, the death toll has exceeded 615.

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150 thousand more tests were conducted in Russia yesterday.

Free COVID – 19 Tests in Moscow

Russian search engine Yandex has started conducting free tests in Moscow and in the Moscow region with delivery to Russian citizens’ homes.

The service named “Pomosh radome” ( “Help is Near”) has been launched in Moscow this month. The company has acquired coronavirus tests and tested its service on the employees. The tests have been provided by 4 Moscow labs including “CityLab” and “LabQuest”.

Now you can go to their website and apply for the service that includes a free test kit and delivery within Moscow and the Moscow region. Before you can fill out an electronic application form with your address, you have to register for a Yandex account. It is free.

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