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5509 New Covid – 19 Cases Confirmed in Russia

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The Operational Headquarters reported about 5509 new patients diagnosed with COVID – 19 from 5 regions of the country including Moscow – 678 new cases, Sverdlovsk region – 215, in Saint Petersburg – 162 new Coronavirus cases.

According to its data, the daily Covid – 19 growth rate in the past nine days did not exceed 0.7%.

8338 New Coronavirus Cases Confirmed in Russia

The total number of Coronavirus cases in the country is 834,499, the death toll has surpassed the number of 13902.

Covid – 19 Cases in Russia and Around The World

New Covid – 19 cases in Russia and around the world by worldometers.info*

The daily number of recovered coronavirus patients in Russia on Thursday again surpassed the number of new cases, the anti-coronavirus crisis center reported.

A total of 629 655 people have recovered from Covid – 19 this year in Russia.



The ban on holding indoor and outdoor mass public events remains in place in Moscow at least until September 1, the mayor Segey Sobyanin stated, noting that it is impossible to ensure social distancing during such events.

It is likely that the first giant city event will be Moscow’s birthday weekend on the first week of September 2020.


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