5 Beautiful Moscow’s Symbols You Will Never See Again

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Here is our list of Moscow’s landmarks dismantled in the past.

The Sukharevskaya Tower was one of the best known symbols of Moscow.

Sukharevskaya tower-one of the symbols dismantled in Moscow

It was destructed by the Soviet authorities in 1934.

The majestic 16th-century cathedral – St Catherine Church of Ascension Convent – was dismantled (steps from Red Square) by the Soviets in 1929.

St Catherine Church of Ascension Convent in Moscow - one of the city symbols

Red Gate ( Krasnye vorota) were triumphal arches built in the 18th century in Moscow and demolished in 1928.

Red Gate - one of the places to see in Moscow - was destroyed The “Moscow 850” Ferris Wheel at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre was removed on October 2015. New attractions will appear on its territory.

The “Moscow 850” Ferris Wheel - one of Moscow's symbols- was removed

This is a plan which was envisioned for the highest building in the world, and which was scheduled to be built under the command of Stalin in the 1930s. The project was cancelled when the war broke out, though the facade was almost complete by then. Today the Cathedral of Christ the Savior is located here.
The highest of the symbols of Moscow was not complete


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