4 Surprising Things That Happened on Red Square

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Although Red Square is considered one of the most official, reserved and standoffish places in the city, its walls have witnessed many outrageous, strange and exciting events. Here is a quick historical rundown of a few of them.

German amateur pilot, Mathias Rust, landed on Red Square without permission in 1987. He claimed that he wanted to create an imaginary ‘bridge’ to the east,


and has said that his flight was intended to reduce tension and suspicion between the two Cold War sides.


As part of the First International Festival of Circus Art, clowns, animals, carriages and athletes marched on Red Square, followed by enormous decorations and live music to the shock of the audience in 1996.

Check the video of the rehearsals on Red Square in 1996!


A total of 13 international pavilions were installed in the center of the city, representing the magical arts of India, Versailles, Rome, China, Greece and other countries and kingdoms.


412 bricks were temporarily removed for the event and reinstalled thereafter.


A giant suitcase was placed on Red Square in 2013, immediately causing great buzz, outrage and backlash. It was initially scheduled to host a charity exhibition arranged for the eve of the 120th Gum Department Celebration.


The suitcase also seemed to be a lighthearted joke, but its main critics finally succeeded in their fight to remove the construction from the ‘sacred place.’


A football field was arranged right in the center of the Square precisely 1,000 days before the FIFA 2018 championship opening.


A special football-themed ceremony was held on Red Square, in conjunction with turning on the countdown stand at the entrance of the square.

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