3 Facts About Russian Military Uniform


An exhibition that is open for one day only – February 23 – represents Russian uniforms, military tunics and king’s coats of different times and regimes in Russia.

Until the 16th century, the Russian army, like most European armies, had no single standard uniform.


Since 1722 civil and military positions were systemized by the Table of Ranks which was a groundbreaking register. It was approved by Peter the Great.


Every rank had a corresponding uniform, which made it possible for anybody to precisely identify a bureaucrat’s job and his position in society.


In the end of the 18th century Russian and Prussian military uniforms looked almost the same. For the coronation,  Paul the First had designed himself a uniform in the style of Prussian military uniform. The day after the coronation he ordered all the imperial regiments to adopt the same style. Paul began to wear his army uniform for everyday dress.


The exhibition is open at the “Metropol” hotel. The entrance fee is 300 rubles. The entrance is free for men. Operating hours 12.00-19.00.


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