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2558 New Coronavirus Cases Confirmed in Russia

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The Operational Headquarters reported about 2558 new patients diagnosed with COVID – 19 from 62 regions of the country including Moscow – 1355 new cases, the Moscow region – 495, Saint Petersburg 121, Tver 44 and more. 18 Russians died from the virus yesterday. The total number of Coronavirus cases is 18328, the death toll exceeded 148.

Today! New Travel Passes Are Available on March 13

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has tightened official the lockdown on Russia’s capital today, signing a new travel order. A new system will require people to receive permission to travel within the city starting April 15.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin Photo: Ria Novosti

The passes will be available at mos.ru starting April 13. For pedestrians the passes are still not required.

Tracking System for Foreigners

Moscow city officials have reportedly decided to build a system to track all foreign tourists using cellular data, once Russia’s borders reopen after the spread of coronavirus subsides, a source in the Mayor’s Office told the newspaper Kommersant. Officials apparently assume that this level of surveillance will be necessary to prevent a second outbreak of COVID-19.

ONLINE in Moscow:

Watch the “Spheres” show from Australia at the All-Russian Exhibition Complex in Moscow (back from November 2019) here

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