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1786 New Coronavirus Cases Confirmed in Russia

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1786 people have been diagnosed with Coronavirus in 57 regions of Russia, rising the total number of COVID – 19 cases to 11917.

1124 new cases have been confirmed in Moscow and 182 in the Moscow region and 35 in Saint Petersburg.

18 more people died yesterday from Coronavirus, including 12 Muscovites, 2 people from the Krasnodarskiy Region, one patient from Maryi El one from the Nizhegorodskiy region, 1 from the Stavropolskiy region and one from Yamalo – Nenetskiy region.

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94 people have died from Coronavirus in Russia this year.

Moscow city officials have reportedly decided to build a system to track all foreign tourists using cellular data, once Russia’s borders reopen after the spread of coronavirus subsides, a source in the Mayor’s Office told the newspaper Kommersant. Officials apparently assume that this level of surveillance will be necessary to prevent a second outbreak of COVID-19.

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