10 Places To Visit In April

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We have gathered the best places for the English-speaking audience in April.We are continuing to update this post.

Moscow Spring Festival 

27 April 2018- 9 May 2018

The annual “Moscow Spring” festival will open on April 27.The festival will encompass more than 30 of  special art and sports zones in the city centre. The main pavilions will be placed at Kuznetsky Most, Tverskaya Square, Rozhdestvenka street, Ploshad Revolutsii.Entrance is free. The festival will be open until May 9.

Top 10 Events to Visit in Moscow in April

The Shanghai Museum: The Radiance of Knowledge

17 April 2018 – 25 July 2018

It will be the first time when the collection of the Shanghai Museum will be on display in the Moscow Kremlin Museums. The exhibition is dedicated to the Ming dynasty epoch (1368–1644), one of the most vivid pages in the wealthiest heritage of China. At that time the interest in art, literature and music, intimate knowledge of philosophical and historical tractates becomes a real cult.

“Adopt Me in Spring”

14 April 2018

The pet charity and one day adoption event (“Pora Brat”) will take place at the “Meridian” centre this month. Cats and dogs and their future masters will have an opportunity to find each other. Any pet can be taken for free, but ID cards will be required from all visitors. Pets will be delivered from shelters, and volunteers will be present at all times to raise money and collect food and gifts for other shelters. Operating hours : 11.00-16.00.

Entrance is free, but registration is required – please, check out the link

Free Museum Day

15 April 2018 

The best museums of Moscow offer free admission on April 15 – 2018. For more information,please,click here.

Salvador Dali+Frida Kahlo in ONE place!

Until April 22

Frida Kahlo de Rivera  was a Mexican painter known for her self-portraits. Her work has been celebrated internationally as emblematic of Mexican national traditions. The multimedia exhibition “Frida Kahlo: Visions Come Alive” is open at Lumiere Hall (map).The greatest works by one of the most iconic figures in art history, Salvador Dali, are showcased at the same venue.Ticket prices start at 450 rubles.To purchase the ticket, please, click here.

International Party – Spring Break

28 April 2018

The biggest  free gathering in Moscow for expats, tourists, students and locals internationally minded, is going to be held on Saturday, April 28th, straight before May’s russian holidays.

This time some pleasant surprises await its guests along with  meet-up and chat zone, music and dances.The ‘master plan’ will be uncovered just in the next days, and announced as usual in the event discussion board on FB. Check the details here

 The Best World Knights to Compete in Moscow

30 April 2018 – 2 May 2018

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