Women Financial Forum with Kim Kiyosaki

Women Financial Forum will be held on October 13 – October 14 at the Radisson Royal Hotel in Moscow. Kim Kiyosaki will be its main speaker along with the other successful women who are international investors and world-renowned female speakers.

The event may meet your needs if you –

-wish to really implement the gained knowledge as fast as possible;
-are looking for skills and information to reach financial freedom;
-want to get into contact with new like-minded people;
-wish to learn how to truly love yourself.

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At first glance, you may think that Kim Kiyosaki is just another beautiful woman who gained fame by marrying Robert Kiyosaki, entrepreneur and author of the “Rich Dad” books. But this is her story-by the age of 25, Kim was a successful, fiercely independent advertising executive. And two years later, she opened her own clothing company with national distribution. Then, Kim hit hard times when she sold everything she had to build a company that taught entrepreneurial business with Robert . Within two months, they lost all their money and were even homeless at times. Kim then decided to stop feeling sorry for herself, took action and grew the business to 11 offices in seven countries, reaching tens of thousands of seminar attendees.

In 1989, Kim began a real estate company which now buys, sells and manages millions of dollars in property. Today, Kim is a co-founder of The Rich Dad® Company and a self-made millionaire who spreads the mission of financial literacy on an international level.

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