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Monday, March 27, 2017

Hi, my name is Kate. I am from Moscow

While traveling around the world I always try to compare my city as a tourist destination with other big cities. “Is it comfortable to commute within the city?” “Are there enough English signs in the centre?” things like that.

The cultural life here is flourishing; there is no lack of historical heritage. At the same time, for non-Russian speakers traveling alone without a group and with no guide (this is how I like to travel), visiting Moscow might be challenging. A great city venue may not be visible or marked for tourists. Instead, it might be hidden with no entrance sign in English.

One day I decided to start helping tourists orientate themselves in Moscow, to plan their trip and to travel independently on their own, and to travel on a budget.

How can I really help you now

Here you may find different lists of attractions and museums that fit your interests along with the details and maps for each destination. Planning anything in advance is not common for Russians, but I try to help my readers pre-order tickets (in a Western style) for their chosen destinations for the best prices.

You can also schedule your museum visit(s) following the free museum days schedule.

If you prefer, you can go on your own to the main city attractions like Red Square and the Kremlin and get the most of it with your private guide for the lowest price possible just by having your phone in your pocket using world-known interactive audio tours that I have set up. You pick the time, you pick the places, you pick the route.

In my blog, you can find the latest news on the greatest free events in the city and of course find the best tickets for the biggest international events in Moscow.

You can order  YOUR  PERSONAL  ITINERARY including the maps, tickets, and hacks . Send your request to bigtmos@gmail.com and we will send you our questionnaire.

And, of course, feel free to contact us any time with any questions regarding traveling to Moscow/Saint Petersburg.