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3 New Subway Stations are Opening Today!

A new line connects suburban neighbourhoods to Moscow’s business centre.

Pictures of the Month PART 1

In celebration of International Artist Day, the Moscow Metro invited 15 students and graduates of Russian art schools to create works of art depicting...

5 Best Moscow Zoos

Explore the best zoos of Moscow 2016!

Moscow’s Historic Park has Opened at VDNKh

The new complex at VDNKH is called "the Historic Park: Russia-My History". Its main constant exhibition encompasses a broad range of interactive installations and antiques.The first section is dedicated to the formation of the Russian state system in the seventh century.

Pictures of The Month Part 1

8 Unforgettable moments from Moscow's life!

Moscow’s Free Events in April

Here are the best events of April in Moscow that you can attend for free.