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Open-Air City Workouts: Muscovites Are In

Open-Air City Workouts: Muscovites Are In

In a huge city like Moscow one expects to find many large open-air fields. There are nearly 30 parks with open-air workout facilities available...

Pictures of The Month Part 1

8 Unforgettable moments from Moscow's life!

Pictures Of The Month

Rizhskaya Square opened last month after 3 months of renovation works. The Rizhskaya Square renovation project truly encapsulates the ambition of the city administration to change the city urban neighborhoods beyond recognition.

Top 10 New Tourist Attractions in Moscow

Here are some places many locals don't know about.
The Great Modernists are Back in Moscow

VLOG: “Revolution in the Arts”

“The Great Modernists. Revolution in the Arts” exhibition in the ARTPLAY Design Center presents the works of the greatest modernism painters.

Early Years Teacher Wanted

First Light British Kindergarten in Moscow is searching for an English teacher.