The Third Annual Inspiration Art Festival opened in Moscow. It presents a light-projection programme with immersive show elements and multimedia art. The festival’s theme this year is the Nature of Inspiration. Well-known European artists, including Julien Pavillard, who created the legendary Feast of Light in Lyon, worked in the fabulous atmosphere of Ostankino Park.

The Inspiration Summer Art Festival opened in Moscow
The route of the whole installation occupies almost a kilometre and starts at the main entrance of Ostankino Park.
The Summer Interative Art Festival Opened in Ostankino Park

With the help of powerful projectors, art installations, and kinetic sculptures, French masters created a “magic forest,” where Muscovites and guests of the capital can stroll in the company of fairy-tale characters, animals, and birds. It’s better to come to the park when it’s dark outside. It is then that thousands of light bulbs on the main entrance arch light up, and curved lumieres among the trees begin to glow with all the colours of the rainbow. One of the thematic zones of the festival is called Pandora, and is based on the film “Avatar” by James Cameron. Also, one of the central objects of the festival is the “revived forest” — 200 metres of forest near the pond of Ostankino Park turned into a huge screen, on which nature itself draws pictures.

This summer Moscow welcomes the 3rd International Street Art Festival Here you can see the kinetic sculpture titled “Horse of the Night” by Frenchman Remi Brun, “Cocoons” by Belgian sculptor Dimitri Parimeros, wicker sculptures titled “Celestial Lumière” and “Light Nests” by artist Eric Baro, and flying installations of luminous fish. Children will especially like the festival. Some of the zones are specially made to be interactive.

The Ispiration Art Festival Opened in Moscow     In summer the Inspiration Festival closes on 1 August, the birthday of VDNH, with an exciting light projection show accompanied by a symphony orchestra.

Operating hours: from 9 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. Entrance is free.

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