We have compiled a list of activities that you won’t have to touch your wallet or credit card for at all.

Free Museum Days 

In 2017 the best museums of Moscow offer free admission on the following days:

Free Museum Days



-January 15

-February 19

-March 19

-April 16

-May 21

Check the list of the museums here 

TOP 10 New Museums of Moscow

Free Tour of Moscow

This walking tour is the best way to explore the historical part of the city. It lasts for two and a half hours and visits the Kremlin, Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Mausoleum and much more. And the organizers promise that this is no boring history lesson!


Moscow's free offers

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Lenin Mausoleum

The legendary mausoleum on Red Square in Moscow is the tomb of Vladimir Lenin, and is one of the masterpieces of the Soviet architecture. Learn more about this place in the heart of Moscow here.

Lenin Mausoleum

All-Russian Exhibition Centre 

The All-Russia Exhibition Centre, also known as the VDNKh, is a national trading centre, amusement park and giant museum. It is also one of the largest exhibition and recreation complexes in the world. The entrance is free! I have prepared a special interactive program to guide you at VDNKh.

All-Russian Exhibition Centre

“Sportivnaya” -The Museum of Subway
This small, cozy museum maintains the spirit of the subway, while describing and illustrating some of its hidden secrets. As it is not well publicized, it is often empty. A true hidden gem!

Moscow's subway Museum

Individual visits are possible on Thursdays. Excursion are held by appointment: +7 (495) 622-73-09.

Moscow's Museum of Subway

The Novodevichy Convert 

Arguably the most famous monastery in Moscow, the Novodevichy Convent is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Novodevichy Convert

Top 5 Greatest Churches of Moscow

Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory 

Moscow Conservatory is not only one of the finest higher music education institutions in Russia, it’s also a concert venue for world-class musicians and composers.

Moscow Tchaikovsky ConservatoryDon’t forget to check the program in advance to find out which concerts you can attend for free (if there is No red button, the concert is free) .

Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory Offer

This year more that 1500 ice rinks operate in the city.Dozens of them are open with no entrance fee! Discover the best free ice rinks of Moscow.

free ice rinks