“Human Rights Week” in Moscow!

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Human Rights Week is an annual English language education event between the 10th December and the 14th December held within Higher School of Economics in Moscow to celebrate and promote human rights. This event is one of the foremost events on human rights in Moscow and in the past has been widely attended.

The Anniversary

This year Human Right Week coincides with the 70th anniversary of the Universal Deceleration of Human rights, so to celebrate this milestone we are hosting a number of public events and discussion panels with a range of international experts and notable human rights organisations.

The official opening of the event will include presentations and speeches by experts active in the sphere of human rights. The opening event will be followed by round table discussions, where we will invited students, staff and the general public to attend the talk and engage in lively discussion with the experts.

Table Discussions

Across Human Rights Week there will be three round table discussions hosted by a panel of international experts on the following topics; 1. «70th Anniversary of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: What Still Needs to be Done? 2. «Economic and Social Rights» 3. «Political and Civic Rights» The closing event of human rights week will be a brand new theatre performance titled “Cinderella: A Human Rights Perspective”. Like previous human rights weeks, these events are expected to be  widely attended by students, experts and a wide selection of the general public.

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