A giant 3D panorama “1941. The Сounterattack” has been erected in the “Historic Park: Russia-My History” pavilion (№57) in the All-Russia Exhibition Centre.

3d panorama in Moscow3d panorama in MoscowThe entrance is free. The panorama is open until February 23 2017. Operating hours 10.00 – 20.45.

The All-Russia Exhibition Centre, also known as the VDNKh, is a national trading centre, amusement park and giant museum. It is also one of the largest exhibition and recreation complexes in the world.Discover the All-Russian Exhibition Park with our interactive tour

3d panorama Moscow

Get off at the VDNKh Station, about 20 minutes from the centre of Moscow. It takes 10-15 minutes by foot from the metro station to the VDNKh entrance. The main entrance address is Prospect Mira 121.

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