Anastacia to Perform in Moscow

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A popular singer and songwriter, Anastacia is world renowned for her excellence at music and exceptional voice quality. She is blessed with an unusual voice tone which has kept listeners intrigued and spellbound. Her powerful voice tone and small stature has earned her the nickname, ‘The little lady with big voice’. Despite facing acute health hazards over the course of her life, starting from Crohn’s disease to breast cancer, she did not let go of or compromised with her artistic aspirations and instead fought back hard each time to fulfil her ambition. Since the release of her debut album, ‘Not that Kind’, Anastacia has earned quite a name for herself in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, South Africa and South America. What has made her music unique is the exceptional and distinctive combination of soul, pop, rock and a new genre of music called, Sprock.

Anastacia’s concert will be held in Moscow on November 21 at Crocul City Hall.


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