A year of Bosch has opened in Moscow in spite of its ad campaign being banned.

Apparently the work of a legendary painter that was chosen for street posters does not meet with the approval of the Moscow administration.


In 2016, Europe marks 500 years since the death of one of the West’s most mysterious painters, Hieronymus Bosch, who perished in August, 1516.


To commemorate the Northern Renaissance master, his hometown s- Hertogenbosch, as well as Madrid, Venice and other European cities will stage exhibitions featuring works by Bosch and those by present-day artists who have drawn inspiration from the old master’s mystic symbols and unsolved riddles.


The multimedia exhibition BOSCH: Visions Come Alive, due to open at the ARTPLAY Design Center on March 18, will become one of the centerpiece events dedicated to Bosch in Russia, in 2016.


Around 30 paintings are attributed to Bosch even though only seven of them actually bear his signature. None of the paintings were titled by the master during his lifetime; all the titles were given to his work by art historians later on. Little is known about his personal life and career but for a handful of facts – he was a third-generation artist, he married into a wealthy family, he had no children, and he was a member of the Brotherhood of Our Blessed Lady, an influential religious group in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. So who is Hieronymus Bosch?


Some say he is a surrealist artist, ‘an honorary professor of nightmares’. Some insist that his paintings contain encrypted secret formulas used by alchemists, astrologers and sorcerers at the time. And some believe he was a heretic, a follower of some banned sects, even though he is known to have been an extremely religious person.


ARTPLAY MEDIA produces and stages cutting-edge multimedia shows, using such technologies as multichannel animation graphics, dozens of state-of-the-art high-resolution video projectors, giant screens and surround sound.

Address: Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya St, 10

Operating hours Mon-Thur (entrance fee is 450 rub) 11.00 — 21.00

Fri, (entrance fee is 450 rub) 11.00 — 22.00

Sat 11.00 — 22.00 (entrance fee is 650 rubles)

Sun 11.00 — 21.00 (entrance fee is 650 rubles)

The exhibition is open until May 31.






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