The Moscow Spring Fest

The Moscow Spring Fest is opening on April 28 2017. It will run until May 9.Tens of chalet-tents will be set in the city centre (including Manezhnaya Square, Kuznetsky Most, Tverskaya Street) to treat residents and guests with all sorts of traditional and exotic jams, candies and souvenirs.

The Moscow Spring Fest will open in April!

The Alexander Garden

Strolling through Moscow, you’ll certainly go to the Alexander garden, because it links the two main attractions of Moscow- namely the Kremlin and Red Square. On one side above it rises a wall of the Moscow Kremlin, which is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, soldiers who died during the Second World War, and a number of obelisks naming cities hardest hit during the war.Every hour at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a change of the honor guard.In the Alexander garden has several monuments from different ages: Stella in honor of the 300-year old House of Romanov, Patriarch Germogenu monument, ruins of the Grotto, a fountain with four horses.In the midst of the Alexander garden, or rather between the top and middle Aleksandrovskii Gardens and Kutafya Tower, which is now the main entrance to the Kremlin for tourists.

All-Russia Exhibition Park

The All-Russia Exhibition Centre, also known as the VDNKh, is a national trading centre, amusement park and giant museum. It is also one of the largest exhibition and recreation complexes in the world.If you plan to visit the VDNKh All-Russia Exhibition Complex, don’t forget to take advantage of the exclusive VOICEMAP VDNKh audio tour .

Free Tour of Moscow

This walking tour is the best way to explore the historical part of the city. It lasts for two and a half hours and visits the Kremlin, Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Mausoleum and much more. And the organizers promise that this is no boring history lesson!

Moscow’s free offers

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The Botanic Garden

Plant lovers can spend their days observing more than 8,000 species of plants and trees. A visit to the rosarium and the special exhibition of Russian natural landscapes will be remembered by visitors for their beauty and great variety. The Botanical Garden also borders the VDNH exhibition center, and it is lovely to combine these huge city sights on the same day.

The Moscow Zoo

The Moscow Zoo, which was founded in 1864, boasts a classical arrangement of space and cages Its story is filled with exciting and touching details. For example, when the center was in need of money (which happened several times), its workers took some of the animals home with them so that they could be with them 24/7. And during the Second World War the zoo was extremely popular. At that time, 6,000,000 people visited the zoo in just four years.

The Moscow Zoo

Tsaritsyno Park

Another place that takes us back to the times of imperial Russia is the Tsaritsyno Estate. The estate became famous after it was bought by Catherine the Great. It was one of her most beloved places to visit along with her favourite – Prince Grigory Potemkin. The ensemble around the estate was constructed in 18th century in a Neo-Gothic Style which you can enjoy today when you visit. The park has everything to have a pleasant time – decorative bridges, artificial grottos and even a few restaurants. The park hosts a number of music festivals during the spring and summer months.

Izmailovo – Park and Estate

Izmailovo is quite an extraordinary place as it has a both a beautiful park and an astounding newly renovated Kremlin. Izmailovo has a rich history as during the reign of one of the most notable Russian czars – Aleksey Mikhailovich this was a place of the Romanov residence. Currently the Izmailova Kremlin is a magnificent fortress that is known not only for its numerous museums and master classes Russian but is also a very popular place of marriage for many Russian couples.

Gorky Central Park

No list would be complete without mentioning the most visited and centrally located park of Moscow – Gorky Park. The park opened in 1928 and originally aimed at reflecting on the architecture and social values of the Soviet era. Throughout its history the park has undergone major changes and reconstruction eventually becoming a beloved place for Muscovites. It is perfectly suited for both winter and summer recreational activities. During the summer you can take stroll along the banks of the Moscow river. This is hands down a must visit place if you are ever in the city in spring.

The Moscow River

Water excursion programs in spring combine the convenience of visiting historical sites with the comfort of modern facilities. A regular ticket costs in the region of 500 rubles for adults. Hop-on-hop-off tickets are also available, and can be used for travel for the whole day with stops and breaks along the way. For more information,please, click here.

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